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AT Center Logo 시그니춰_해외지사 B_로스엔젤러스aT센터 명칭표기.jpg

aT Center is a dedicated establishment that promotes and distributes quality, traditional Korean foods and products in the United States and worldwide since 1967. Through participation in major exhibitions, packaging design, advertising, and other initiatives, AT Center increases the familiarity of Korean foods and products and caters to the global consumer market. 

Taste korea campaign

  • The objective of the Taste Korea campaign was to promote Korean Traditional Alcohol and Home Meal Replacement foods

  • The digital campaign was executed through collaborating with Youtube Influencers and customer + influencer events 

taste korea PrOmO

The taste korea campaign has generated a Reach of over 18 Million, with an Overall Engagement rate of 11%

taste korea influencer event

Home meal replacement

HMR (Home Meal Replacements) are simple and easy foods you can make at home! All of the ingredients and instructions are provided, so anyone can enjoy the taste of Korean food in the comfort of their home.

AT Center Logo 시그니춰_해외지사 B_로스엔젤러스aT센터 명칭표기.jpg
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