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The most important thing in communication is to
hear what isn’t being said

Trusted by Countless Brands

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Urban Creator is a creative marketing agency with a unique approach to marketing and audience engagement. 


We strive to streamline communication between our clients and their audiences, by creating content and initiating engaging opportunities for collaboration.

We offer solutions in product planning, branding, distribution, and promotion - we’ll be with you at every step of the process.  


We are experienced in both online and offline promotions, and have developed and pioneered hybrid untact marketing strategies, engaging massive audiences of consumers. Event planning, communicating with the press, and direct contact with target audiences are some of the things we do best.  



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aT Center

A brand awareness project that sought to bring recognition to Korean beverages.

Won First place at

aT Best Practice Awards 2019



Leading a hybrid of online and offline advertisement campaigns to introduce SOONHARI to the US markets.

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Korea Tourism Organization


aT Center

Collaborating alongside Korea Tourism Organization, led a hybrid Korea awareness project through social media and on-site events, gaining a total of 16.4 million reach.

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